For independents. By independents.

Created by independent venue owners for independent venue owners, VenuePilot understands what staying nimble means to you. Our streamlined event management and low-cost ticketing work seamlessly together but can be used separately.

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A new school tool for old school pros.

You’re already getting the job done. VenuePilot simply elevates your current management system by providing the tools you need to save time and money. Also, it’s free with or without VenuePilot ticketing. No catch.

PC and mobile preview

A calendar that speaks your language

Automate your flow

Take your budget’s pulse

Customizable widget for your website

A new custom-built website

Artist performance stats

A projections powerhouse

Create your own ticket fees

Have another ticketing provider?

Design your own floor plan

Sell tickets on your own website

Track it all in one place

It’s all in the settlement

Your ticketing without VenuePilot.

You know the current landscape. It either makes you down or takes you down.

The ticketing company gave you a hefty signing bonus. But there are strings attached...

Ticketing Ticketing

You get locked into a restrictive and exclusive contract.

Female artist Ticketing is hard Ticketing is hard

The #1 issue in cart conversion is final price. Sticker shock from fees scares customers away.

Increase your margin.

Streamline your processes while enjoying low-cost, flat-fee ticketing. That’s why there are no exclusive contracts and it’s free to download and try.


Flexible cash advance

Apply for flexible terms on a cash advance that can also serve as a line of credit.

Low-cost ticketing

We want you to thrive. VenuePilot takes a mere $ 0.75/ticket flat.

No exclusivity

We like flexibility, not exclusivity. You can use our low-cost ticketing or partner with other ticketing providers.

Do service charges your way

Customize convenience fees on a per ticket basis and sales tax, processing fees, and donations on a per event basis.