For independents. By independents.

VenuePilot's mission is to make our industry stronger through giving you back control and keeping as many hands out of your pockets as possible.

As a (former) owner/operator of one of NYC's largest independent venues and a professional cellist, I see how overly reliant we are on ticketing companies and how they hold our industry hostage while making outsized profits. To confront this reality, I launched VenuePilot to empower venues and promoters.

How? VenuePilot's two-pronged approach offers:

  1. A completely free technology solution that powers your website, runs your box office, manages your calendar, builds offer sheets, and more. It is built to work with any ticketing company (or multiple ticketing companies)! This makes it easy to control your business and choose the best ticketing solution on a per event basis. Ticketing changes can be made easily, without disrupting your operations.
  2. Up-front cash with flexible terms. When paired with our optional, low-cost ($.75/ticket), white-labeled ticketing system, you make more money. This much-needed access to capital will empower you to resist signing restrictive ticketing deals with multi-year contracts

Click on the deck above for more insight into what VenuePilot is all about.

Thank you,
Justin Kantor
CEO, VenuePilot